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A vegetable garden made by, and for, the neighbourhood

Stakeholder Methodiekfabriek as a partner of Roof Food Creating a collective vegetable garden is one thing; letting local residents manage […]

The vegetable garden as a meeting place for the neighbourhood

Schipperskaai Development, a client of Roof Food as a consulting firm. Roof Food’s consultancy section is growing by the day. […]

“Sabien is one of the smartest women I know”

For a period of one year, Sabien Windels, the founder of Roof Food, followed a counselling process at Happonomy, the […]

“As an entrepreneur, it’s OK to be lazy”

Sabien as an entrepreneur and manager The dynamic of Roof Food has changed recently. The dire financial situation at the […]

Shared passion for fun

Sabien as a friend “Sabien is one of the friendliest people I know. I have never seen her snap at, […]

“Five years ago, the time wasn’t ripe for Roof Food”

The Board of Directors Roof Food has been through a lot over the past five years. Fortunately, Sabien has been […]

Roof farmer, a dream for many people

Roof farmer Jonathan Van Houtte In 2019, Sabien posted the following vacancy: ‘Roof Food is looking for a roof farmer’. […]

“I always like to delve into a new subject matter”

Sabien as a student Roof Food is going through a change. After the roof dinners and the catering, the company […]

Roof Food and the city of Ghent really enhance each other

The city of Ghent is an ideal model for many national and international cities because of its sustainable food strategy. […]