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Together we can build a regenerative economy.

Because Happonomy is the new rich.

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Are you fascinated by sustainability, quality of life and our economy? Come to one of our events and share your experiences and tips, join a discussion, or just have a chat.


Our research


We love gaining and sharing knowledge. That’s why we are currently working on research where the following question drives us: “How do we ensure the greatest possible sustainability and what should we change to achieve that?”

Our models


Our scientifically-based models provide the foundations for giving sustainability a structural upgrade. You can download the models for free here.



Self-confident freelancers

Transform yourself

Choose to upgrade yourself.
If you decide to make the quality of life a major part of your life, we will provide you with the necessary pragmatic support.


Value-driven entrepreneurs

Build your organisation sustainably.

Social, circular, creative or visionary entrepreneur?
We support you to build your organisation sustainably.


Transform your organisation

Are you a leader who dares to focus on value for all of your stakeholders?
We can provide you with the necessary reinforcements to develop your organisation sustainably.

Urban policy makers

Transform your city

As a policy maker, are you convinced that quality of life should be your main focal point?
You can use us as a sounding board, architect or full partner to achieve sustainable change.