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Our world should really be given a sustainable upgrade. It doesn’t matter whether your ambition is to live as a digital nomad, if you have become a freelancer out of necessity, or if you just want to do your own thing. You just want to stand on your own two feet and contribute to a sustainable change.

Being your own boss requires many things. You want to be able to offer your services in a financially sustainable way without having to make untenable compromises on the things you stand for. What you don’t want though is to be somebody who works all of the time. Does that sound recognizable to you?



- Stephen hawking
Stephen Hawking

Our Solution

At Happonomy, we have developed six modules to make sure that you can work as a freelancer in a sustainable way. We guide you through the most important choices you have to make. How you can earn your pennies, what you do, how you organise yourself, and how you sell are just some of the questions we answer during the process.

Our focus is built on recent scientific insights which are, above all, practical, and start from your own situation. Although we use a supportive style, we also challenge you to dare to look in the mirror yourself and to get to work.

Module 1 - Sustainability for yourself

Getting a clear view of what sustainability really means to you and where you stand today offers you a clear view of your current situation and how you can fit in all the activities required of a freelancer. After this session, you will go home with a greater self-awareness and a plan of achievable and concrete action points, enabling you to do business in a sustainable way.

Module 2 - Matching your skills and passion to the role of a freelancer

During this second session, we map out together what knowledge, skills and talent you have today to get started as a freelancer. We explore what exactly is expected of a freelancer and what you do today. In this way, we identify your own development points together and you will get a clearer picture of what you need to do differently to be successful as a freelancer. You will go home with a concrete insight into the things you can refine and learn to work sustainably as a freelancer.

Module 3 - A sustainable financial context

In the third module, we dive deeper into your personal financial situation and explore your view on money. We calculate how much money you need to live in a sustainable and qualitative way and what that means for your freelance activity. In addition, we explore whether you are spending your pennies on the things you really care about and how much you should be earning as a freelancer. After this session, you will have a practical action list to organise your own financial situation in a more sustainable way.

Module 4 - A sustainable business model

In the fourth module, we will develop the foundation of your business. Using our Regenerative Business Canvas, which is a sustainable upgrade of the well-known Business Model Canvas, we will explore the business economics of your business in a structured way. After this session, it will be clear to you what value you bring, what you do, who your customers are, how you can reach them and how you can make money.

Module 5 - Your sales

In the fifth session, we outline your sales activities: we identify how to find more customers, how to determine whether someone is a suitable customer and how you can build your sales process. In this way, we ensure that you have the courage to sell your services with confidence.

Module 6 - Your Organisation

It may surprise you that, as a freelancer, you are the head of a real organisation. In this sixth module, we ensure that you get a clear picture of how you work today and which tools you can use to work more efficiently.

Module 7 - Your financial result

In the final module, we bring everything together in a clear financial framework. We help you to  identify your costs, estimate your income and look at how to deal with cash flow. We do the preparatory work in ‘the excel’ and teach you how to manage your own business in a financially sustainable way.

Optional monthly check-in

Change can sometimes be a real challenge. With the optional Happonomy check-in, we keep a finger on the pulse for as long as you want. During a monthly video call, we will discuss your challenges and progress with you for an hour.

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