Our vission and mission


A smiley. 

A symbol of the eighties. In Belgium, the eighties were an era of the rise of New Beat, the predecessor of modern electronic music. I remember people wearing yellow smileys metal pins. Even as a child, I knew that smiley represented something special. An invitation to enjoy life. It is a symbol which has always stuck in the back of our minds. Today, I use the same symbol, every day, on my cell-phone, in an email, on social media. 

Fast Forward 30 years later and we all wake up in an era where people desperately need a renaissance of integrity, positivity and connection. So what better symbol than a smiley to capture that aspiration? 


Aspirations obviously need to be built on sound long-term goals. Therefore, it is important to outline our organisation’s 6 long term priorities. They serve as goals underpinning our mission to drive the quality of our lives forward, regenerate our planet, and help upgrade capitalism along the way.

Goal #1

Increase people’s awareness about what is valuable in their life and the role of work, money and technology. 

Goal #2

Support individuals to develop their full potential, not burdened by the limitations of our current economic system.

Goal #3

Contribute to build more and more successful value-driven starting organisations.

Goal #4

Support leaders to sustainably transform existing organisations.

Goal #5

Support policy makers to improve our quality of life via increased awareness, sustainable work and monetary transformation.

Goal #6

Support policy makers and developers with the development of human-centred Artificial Intelligence.

So there you have it, our not-so-strategic road map for our organisation. All goals have been initiated one way or the other already. The scope seems daunting but from our perspective this is the best shot we have to make sure that all inhabitants of this pale blue dot thrive. Yes, it will take years, many hands, hearts and minds, but you know what they say… if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. 

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