If there is one thing that has propelled humanity forward over the last few centuries, it is knowledge. At Happonomy, we want to contribute to that body of knowledge.

Roadmap to Utopia - Bruno Delepierre

The book: Roadmap to Utopia

This book has almost 300 pages, 35 solutions and above all – unlike what you might expect – a lot of chuckles. Roadmap to Utopia is a unique book in its genre as it brings a ton of scientific knowledge and complexity in a highly visual and readable, and sometimes even funny, book.

The Happonomy Models

Currently, three models serve as foundational blocks for a Happonomy.  One model helps to determine value (the Happonomy Value Canvas), a second serves as a legal organisational blueprint to allocate value more holistically, and a final systemic model provides a different, sustainable money system.

Our Scientific Research

At the intersection of different fields within economics, biology, cognitive sciences and psychology, as well as ethics and technology, we drive research within a new field. Because the phrase ‘positive economics’ has already been taken – thanks to Milton Friedman – we have dubbed it ‘positive behavioural economics’, or ‘happonomics’.