Solutions for policy makers

We live in a society where insecurity and unfair inequality are increasing, and where we struggle to live within the limits of our planet. Our economy is struggling. Increasingly more citizens and communities are under pressure. It is time for a shift towards improving our quality of life.

The good news?

We can make sustainable changes towards a better quality of life on local, national and international levels.

About You

As a value-driven policy advisor or leader, you believe in cities, countries and continents that revolve around the quality of life, and you work on that every day.

You strive for more security and justice, thriving communities, personal development and a sustainable planet. Although you naturally have your priorities, you also realise that our economy must be at the service of the people and not the other way around.


To improve is to change;
to be perfect is to change often.

- Winston Churchill

The problem

We live in a world today where insecurity and the differences between people are increasing. Moreover, increasingly more people are struggling to lead meaningful lives and we struggle to respect the limits of our planet.

The good news is that our society can offer people more security, fairness, personal growth, sustainability and meaning.

Our Solution

As a policy maker, you are uniquely positioned to make a positive contribution to people’s quality of life and the sustainability of our economy, by updating our perspective on the quality of life, or upgrading our economy. We offer the following four answers to the question, ”How can I do this?”

Increase self-awareness about quality of life and the role of money, work and technology.

Let citizens reflect on what they truly value and the roles in which work, money and technology play in this. Targeted and experience-oriented communication helps to improve the quality of life of citizens or specific target groups.

You can use the Happonomy value canvas as a framework or deploy our network of value-driven experts to realise your ideas together.

Support sustainable and motivating work

Fight unemployment and burn-out, strengthen the social fabric, and stimulate economic performance and entrepreneurship in your community.

Use TribeForce to map the talent and motivation of specific target groups for targeted training, identify potential entrepreneurs or inspire people with roles that fit their talents and motivation.

Encourage value-driven organisations

Strengthen young companies or volunteering organisations in your region by providing them with the tools and expertise they need to improve their organisation. With Tribeforce, organisations can identify their most important challenges and get an immediate answer on how to solve a specific problem in the best way.

Our value canvas can help to redefine ‘value’ and our corporate model provides an answer to organisations looking for a sustainable way to do business.

Implement a sustainable money system

The way we create, redistribute and take money out of circulation has an immense impact on our quality of life.

Our current system creates financial stress, unfair inequality and structural system instability.
It is detrimental to our quality of life. Use our Sustainable Money System as the foundation for a new kind of currency that offers more security, fairness and meaning.

Cases in the picture

Case - The Leuven Circular Hub

Circularity and sustainable cities go hand in hand. The city of Leuven asked us to guide the strategy for the circular hub with eight stakeholders.

An innovative community currency

Until the end of 2022 we will be working with 3 project partners on a pilot case for a complementary city currency, under the watchful eye of the European Social Fund (ESF). This city currency should offer better quality of life to residents in a Flemish city.

Do you want to get started?

For each answer, you can count on us to be a creative sounding board, an advisory expert or a project manager who contributes to the quality of life of your citizens. You will see that we have the models, the technology and the brains to support you when and where needed. If you want to get started with quality of life in all of its facets or a more sustainable economic policy, reach out for an informal consultation.