Who we are

Happonomy gives oxygen to our quality of life

We build solutions that offer security, warm relationships and opportunities for personal development, all within the limits of our planet. In this way, we give extra meaning to both our economy and our lives.

Our vision and our mission

We live in a world of increasing insecurity and inequality, where technology often rushes past us. We struggle to colour within the bearing capacity of our planet and we search increasingly more intensively for meaning. As a matter of fact, our current economic model is working ever more against our quality of life.

The good news is that, through an increased awareness of what we find valuable and the accompanying sustainable economic solutions, we can build a world together in which the quality of life is central.

Who we are

Our community is made up of people who want to contribute to our quality of life. They can be anybody from students to senior citizens, who might be entrepreneurs, value-driven experts, managers of large companies, creative people or scientists.

We are based in Belgium, working from Leuven and branching out to all continents on our globe, from Switzerland to Bolivia.

At Happonomy, we believe in a world that prioritizes people’s quality of life,  and that money, work and technology can help us achieve that goal.

We shouldn’t think about the 99% against the 1%, it’s about the 100%. We can build solutions that focus on everyone’s quality of life.

"We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them"
- Albert Einstein

What we do

Project in the spotlight

Our organisation is a house with a lot of rooms. Therefore, the best way to understand where our energy is currently going is to highlight a project on which we are working at the moment.

Our history

The fire for Happonomy goes back to 2013, when Bruno first talked about Happonomy and a world where quality of life could go hand in hand, on a TEDx stage in Leuven. After the event, Birte walked up to Bruno and asked: “you’re right, how can I help?” What followed were articles, lectures, small events, a lot of thinking and an economic cookbook, Roadmap to Utopia, in 2016.

When Stef Kuypers crossed Bruno’s path on a summer’s evening in 2017, Happonomy took a first gear. Stef had been brooding for years on the question about why we couldn’t solve our climate problem. It brought him to the answer of ‘money’ and his solution, the circular money system, which we later renamed the Sustainable Money System. Together with the Happonomy Value Canvas, which Bruno was working on, the first two models were ready for the contours of an upgrade in our quality of life. In that period, the first experiments started with TribeForce, which is a technology to build value-driven organisations.

Even more than knowledge and technology, Happonomy is about people. That’s why we built our network of speakers with vulnerable and inspiring stories along with our informal meetings, first in Leuven, then in several other Flemish cities. Meeting people who share tips, experiences and their different perspectives remains one of the most powerful ways for sustainable change.

Because we  all want to both think and speak and also sometimes just do, the pilots were initiated in 2019 for the personal transformation, organisational development and a first case with the Sustainable Money System. In 2020, we will once again be shifting up a gear.

Our team

The Happonomy team today consists of a close-knit group of people who all want to contribute to our quality of life by thinking, speaking or just doing.

Tara Sinniger

Meet Bruno Delepierre

For a long time, Bruno Delepierre was one of the faces of young Belgian hi-tech entrepreneurship when Silicon Valley was still not considered to be sexy.

With three Master’s degrees in his backpack, and after a ramble through the United Nations and the American business world, he seemed predestined for a successful path with his own company when he was 26 years old. A few months later both of his parents died and that became the starting point of a long journey full of “good, bad and ugly” that eventually brought him to Happonomy via TEDx & MIT.

Today, Bruno combines his unique mix of economic expertise with his backpack of life’s lessons to build a world with a better quality of life.

Build with us

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Do you want to help build a world where quality of life is put first? Would you like to roll up your sleeves? Please feel free to contact us.