Who we are

We provide oxygen for sustainable change

We provide solutions that help you to: live a sustainable and happy life; enable entrepreneurs to work sustainably; help existing organisations to put people and the planet first; make cities flourish and change in a sustainable way.

Our goal is clear: to boost your quality of life and that of your future generations.

Our vision and our mission

We live in a world of increasing insecurity and inequality, where technology often rushes past us. We struggle to colour within the bearing capacity of our planet and we search increasingly more intensively for meaning. As a matter of fact, our current economic model is working ever more against our quality of life.

The good news is that, through an increased awareness of what we find valuable and the accompanying sustainable economic solutions, we can build a world together in which the quality of life is central.

That is why our mission is built on six foundations that contribute to sustainable change in both the short and long term.

Who we are

Our community is composed of individuals who each have their own way of contributing to a more sustainable world, and who also want to live a quality life.

Happonomy are a group of young or experienced, entrepreneurs, value-driven experts, managers within large companies, creative people or scientists and we all share the belief that sustainable change is both necessary and possible, and that our economy can help.

We have our roots in Belgium, work from Leuven, and branch out to every continent on earth, from Switzerland to Bolivia.


We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them

- Albert Einstein

What we do

Project in the spotlight

Our organisation is a house with a lot of rooms. Therefore, the best way to understand where our energy is currently going is to highlight a project on which we are working at the moment.

Our history

Our team

The Happonomy team consists of around forty thinkers, speakers and doers. Some team members work on the structure of our organisation, while others contribute to specific projects. If you’re curious about the people behind the smiley, then check out our team page.