For self-confident people

Sustainable change starts with yourself. Do you want to organise your life in a more sustainable way? Our Ikigai trail can support you if you’re focusing on a sustainable life where work and money support your quality of life.

Give your life
a sustainable upgrade

About you

You love life and are looking for more balance. You want to ensure that your work and money can help you to spend your time in a more sustainable way. However, you’re not quite sure how to do that. That’s why you are looking for practical frameworks which focus your perspective and, more importantly, put your ideas into action. That is why you are looking for people who will guide you, help you think and who are not afraid of challenging you…

Session 1: Building a sustainable life

In an initial one-on-one session lasting around three hours, you and your facilitator will explore what sustainability means to you exactly and you will be creating your own sustainability profile. We will explore what can be done in a better way and which actions should be taken. At the end of the session, you will have an enhanced self-insight and a list of feasible actions to get started.

Session 2: Sustainable work as a catalyst

Sustainable work starts with a clear self-understanding of your talents. We will draw up your personal talent profile to see if your current role offers what you expect from work. At the end of the session, you will have a clearer understanding of what your talents are, how you can use them, and you will head out with an overview of action points to make lasting changes to your work situation.

Session 3: Money as a driver for a sustainable life

We will explore your perspective on money and will then map out what would be a financially sustainable situation for you, based on your own sustainability budget. After that, we will investigate where you stand in reaching your goals and will provide you with a practical framework to build your own financial situation in a sustainable way.  After this session, you will have a clear action plan and the motivation to get started.

1 year, 4 check-ins

We will go on a twelve-month journey together, because building a sustainable life takes time. After four weeks, we will discuss your position at that moment, and we will do this three more times after that. This way, you will have a sounding board that focuses, provides you with feedback and challenges you.

The practice


The three initial sessions last about three hours each, and the check-ins last approximately two hours each. Count on possibly three hours of homework per session.

We plan the dates that suit you best. The three initial modules are normally completed within six to eight weeks.


The sessions can take place at your home or at one of our location partners in a Flemish centre city (‘centrumstad’). 

The four check-ins will take place digitally.


The exact amount depends on factors such as location and who your facilitators are. 

For the three sessions and four check-ins, including materials and transportation, 3000 euros is a good indication.

Are you ready for a sustainable life?

If you’re ready to build your life more sustainably, or if you still have questions, contact us and we’ll look to get started together.