Solutions for organisational leaders

Fact: Innovation is a must as global competition is at the doorstep. At the same time, faster and cheaper has run its course. Leaders and their teams crave a more value driven, balanced approach.


About you

You don’t care about titles. The chances are that yours is company founder, CEO, Innovation manager or HR manager. Allow us to call you ‘leader’.

Whether you have just started, your organisation is growing exponentially, or you need to transform a mature organisation, you realise that the talent and drive of your team makes all the difference. If your team thrives, clients thrive. If your team thrives, shareholders thrive. You know this is true, but you don’t know exactly how to organise your team for maximum team motivation.

You realise that offering value, whether that is to clients, society or your co-workers, is the only reason your organisation exists and you are keen to learn how to add value to your activities.

If this is you, then we can help.

Steve Jobs

The problem

Our solution

Budget & value

We are convinced that budget and value should be synonyms. That is why we are crystal clear about how we calculate a budget for the Warp Drive. In short, our Warp Drive for Leaders consists of three major value components.

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