Help build more sustainability


There are many ways we can help you to build a more sustainable world. Do you believe in our goals and would you like to get involved? If so, you will find five ways to join forces with us below.


Join the Happonomy

Become a member of the Happonomy network and receive tips on how you can boost sustainability. You will also be kept informed of what is happening in our ecosystem, and what’s more, it won’t cost you anything.

Help build the Happonomy organisation

At Happonomy, we’re working on a lot of projects; there are plenty of initiatives where we can join forces from building a board game to designing a payment application.

Current job opportunities:

Apply for the Happonomy Federation

Are you a freelancer and would you like to help us to build sustainable organisations? The Happonomy Federation is a group of value-driven experts who support value-driven entrepreneurs in starting their sustainable businesses.

Help provide financial oxygen

Financial contributions give us the opportunity to create more of an impact more quickly. Your financial support is of great importance here.

The role that you see yourself playing

In an open organisation such as ours, you may see opportunities that we don’t. Do you have a plan to support sustainability and would you like to cooperate? Feel free to contact us.