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How we can build a Happonomy-proof world

Circulair Business Model – Recovering raw materials

Have you noticed that, if you put the ends of a line (or a piece of string) together, you create […]

Surveillance capitalism – a threat to our privacy?

Throughout the world, people are concerned about their privacy. This has been an issue for quite some time. Consumers can […]


Biomimetics: using Mother Nature as a source of inspiration

If you take a closer look at the history of mankind, you get the impression that there are no other […]

Tips for home schooling during a pandemic

Our world has been turned upside down. Apart from the threat of the coronavirus that has impacted our public lives […]

Bye bye 2019, hello 2020!

How many times have you heard them? Two words. “Happy New Year.” Probably people have wished you a long, healthy […]

Medical Crowdfunding

Raising money and concerns – the rise of medical crowdfunding

Good health plays a crucial role in our overall quality of life. Although we can try to reduce our chances […]

Paper currency for sumsy article

SuMSy, we’re getting there … with the help of the ECB

When people are introduced to the Sustainable Money System (or SuMSy), an alternative monetary system that we have developed, they […]

Don’t keep up with the Joneses! Happiness, income comparisons and economic growth

Social comparisons of income don’t allow economic growth to improve people’s happiness. Is there a remedy for this? Little house […]

Libra coin

Libra coin: a critical view

Since it was announced on June 18th, Facebook’s Libra coin has attracted a lot of attention. I haven’t read many […]