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A vegetable garden made by, and for, the neighbourhood

Stakeholder Methodiekfabriek as a partner of Roof Food Creating a collective vegetable garden is one thing; letting local residents manage […]

The vegetable garden as a meeting place for the neighbourhood

Schipperskaai Development, a client of Roof Food as a consulting firm. Roof Food’s consultancy section is growing by the day. […]

“Sabien is one of the smartest women I know”

For a period of one year, Sabien Windels, the founder of Roof Food, followed a counselling process at Happonomy, the […]

“As an entrepreneur, it’s OK to be lazy”

Sabien as an entrepreneur and manager The dynamic of Roof Food has changed recently. The dire financial situation at the […]

Circulair Business Model – Recovering raw materials

Have you noticed that, if you put the ends of a line (or a piece of string) together, you create […]

Shared passion for fun

Sabien as a friend “Sabien is one of the friendliest people I know. I have never seen her snap at, […]

“Five years ago, the time wasn’t ripe for Roof Food”

The Board of Directors Roof Food has been through a lot over the past five years. Fortunately, Sabien has been […]

Roof farmer, a dream for many people

Roof farmer Jonathan Van Houtte In 2019, Sabien posted the following vacancy: ‘Roof Food is looking for a roof farmer’. […]

“I always like to delve into a new subject matter”

Sabien as a student Roof Food is going through a change. After the roof dinners and the catering, the company […]