Our team

It will not surprise you to learn that it takes many hands, heads and hearts to get a piece of Happonomy into the world. Our team consists of a unique mix of speakers, thinkers and doers. You will find a variety of people here, from young people in their twenties to mature people in their sixties, entrepreneurs, former managers, academics and other creative people.

The Happonomy Sherpas

The board of Happonomy is the eye of the storm. More than strategists, they are the gatekeepers of the general direction and the values on which Happonomy is built.

Bruno Delepierre

PhD Behavioural Economics (ongoing)
Founder of Happonomy

Focus: Quality of life, transformation of organisations

Birte Witteveen

Master of Clinical Psychology
Thinker and support pillar

Focus: Social transformation through personal transformation

Stef Kuypers

Master of Computer Science
Systems Thinker and Researcher

Focus: Money and Society

Radu Surdeanu

PhD in Physics
Senior Director of Digital Economy Siemens

Focus: Role of technology on quality of life

The voices of Happonomy

Our speakers are the voices of Happonomy. They give meaning to the smiley with their unique views or personal testimonies. Whether it’s inspiring, vulnerable or informative, the one thing they share is that each lecture will invite you to think about what is really valuable.

Attention: Headache guaranteed!

Will it surprise you to know that we’ve already racked our brains a lot? Our organisation is grounded in science, although it does not dogmatically adhere to specific theories. If there’s one thing that typifies us, it’s our curiosity and openness. Open discussion is in our DNA.

Bruno racks his brain over how to build a sustainable economic system and how to change our capitalist system sustainably. Personal transformation and organisational structure are his outlets.

Stef expresses himself in the technical dimension of money and the role that money plays in society.

Marcin seeks his happiness by doing scientific research into social relations and economics.

Werner’s legal brain is at full speed when it comes to innovative corporate models.

How about you?

Do you want to tickle your brain and think with us?


Even more than thinking and talking, we roll up our sleeves at Happonomy. Our network of doers and partners ensures that we are actually in the field and sometimes you can even take that literally. Each doer deploys his or her expertise to help people like you and me, new (or not so new) organisations and policy makers to achieve sustainable change.

Do you want to build a more sustainable world together with Happonomy?

Our base of operations

We are based in Belgium, although we branch out to continents all around the globe. From Switzerland to Bolivia and everywhere else, you will find people who believe in Happonomy. Our base is located in Leuven, in the creative Hub De Hoorn. Let us know if you want to drop by for a coffee.