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regenerative economy

What is a Regenerative Economy and Why Do We Need It?

In today’s world, many of us are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and social challenges we face. From climate […]

Paper currency for sumsy article

SuMSy, we’re getting there … with the help of the ECB

When people are introduced to the Sustainable Money System (or SuMSy), an alternative monetary system that we have developed, they […]

Don’t keep up with the Joneses! Happiness, income comparisons and economic growth

Social comparisons of income don’t allow economic growth to improve people’s happiness. Is there a remedy for this? Little house […]

Libra coin

Libra coin: a critical view

Since it was announced on June 18th, Facebook’s Libra coin has attracted a lot of attention. I haven’t read many […]

On sustainable business models

On sustainable business models

‘Sustainable’ has probably been the most fashionable word of the last three years. With climate disaster looming on the horizon, […]

Societally Balanced Bonuses

Company bonuses are often the best way to incentivise people to do the best they can to achieve a company […]

Modify What We Measure – An Alternative To GDP

You know what they say: “what gets measured gets managed”. In our society today, economic measurements dominate the debate. We […]

A robotic MasterChef in your kitchen

Cooking is a skill which most of us never find the time to master. It takes a lot of practice […]

Jobs of the Future: Body Part Designer

Historically, repairing our bodies has been a task of nature and regenerative medicine. Now, we create prosthetics and we have […]