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Printing an Affordable Home – 3D House Printing

Ever since 3D printers were invented, we have seen many new ways in which this technology can improve our lives. We […]

Smart Dust: The Smart Equivalent of Magic Pixie Dust

The concept of “smart dust” emerged in 1992 from a RAND workshop and it defined something that was not quite […]

Salt Water Air Conditioners are Going Commercial!

Air conditioners have been around long enough for all of us to get used to spending huge amounts of electricity […]

Floating Windmills – changing the future of wind power

  The windmill is back. It is probably one of the oldest ways of harvesting energy from wind. The first […]

The Solar Mirror: Not just a go-to choice for a Bond Villain

While pop culture has repeatedly tried to present the solar mirror as a weapon of mass destruction, every use found […]

Turn yourself into a power source with piezoelectricity

In September 2008, a new night club in Rotterdam opened their doors. Their novelty to attract customers was a sustainable, […]

Graphene: a promising new material made from plain old carbon

As Mikaël Fogelstrom aptly pointed out in his TED Talk, materials have been the ground layer for advances in technology […]

Thorium Nuclear Power: Is It the Future of Nuclear Technology?

It is estimated that fossil fuels will be non-existent by 2090. The world as we know it relies heavily on […]