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On sustainable business models

On sustainable business models

‘Sustainable’ has probably been the most fashionable word of the last three years. With climate disaster looming on the horizon, […]

Plastic – From Villain To Hero

Plastic has had a bad reputation in the ecological society for years. This is mainly because it takes hundreds of […]

A robotic MasterChef in your kitchen

Cooking is a skill which most of us never find the time to master. It takes a lot of practice […]

Printing an Affordable Home – 3D House Printing

Ever since 3D printers were invented, we have seen many new ways in which this technology can improve our lives. We […]

LED there be light! (and food for everyone)

  The year 2050. Megacities. A population of 9 billion people. Lack of land and water. How could there possibly […]

Methane capturing to slow global warming

Why do we capture methane? Of all the fuel gasses, methane is the smallest. For the chemists among you, each molecule […]

On age reversal. Can we become immortal?

Two things are certain in life: death and taxes. Or are they? The main causes of death are diseases, accidents, suicide or just old […]

Smart Dust: The Smart Equivalent of Magic Pixie Dust

The concept of “smart dust” emerged in 1992 from a RAND workshop and it defined something that was not quite […]

Salt Water Air Conditioners are Going Commercial!

Air conditioners have been around long enough for all of us to get used to spending huge amounts of electricity […]