The problem

Entrepreneurs who want to build an organisation have a hard time, so life becomes particularly difficult for an entrepreneur with creative, social or ecological DNA. The desire to work sustainably for people and the planet clashes with business economic laws far too often. You can already guess the result. A dream is shattered, which sometimes also includes a financial hangover to go with it.


Ten percent of entrepreneurs succeed in making their organisation viable

- Forbes Magazine

The most common problems

1. Uncertainty about what they do

Value-driven entrepreneurs work from a conviction. Bursting with ideas, it is not always clear to them what exactly they are going to do. The result can be guessed, e.g. wanting to roll out new initiatives too quickly or dealing with matters that do not really serve their mission.

2. Uncertainty about how they're going to do it

Value-driven entrepreneurs are rarely the best managers. When asked how they are going to shape their organisation, what team they need on board and how they are going to manage their organisation on a daily basis, they rarely know the answers.

3. Little self-awareness of their suitability as entrepreneurs

Whether they like it or not, the economic game is part of the role of entrepreneurship. As with all other roles and “jobs”, value-driven entrepreneurs need to have a number of skills in their backpacks. All too often, value-driven entrepreneurs are not or insufficiently aware of this and do not sharpen their knowledge and skills in that sense either.

4. Sustainability principles are rearranged.

It sounds contradictory, but value-driven entrepreneurs often go against the principles of sustainability. Once they are sucked into corporate economic reality, sustainability with respect to people and planet is regularly put on the back burner.

5. Entrepreneurial burn-out

Although it is still a taboo, just because value-driven entrepreneurs believe so hard in their mission, they sometimes dare to go too fast and drive themselves into the proverbial wall. Their mental and physical health suffers, financial accidents sometimes happen and it often takes a long period of recovery before they are back on track.

Leap is a step-by-step plan for your sustainable organisation

Happonomy supports entrepreneurs who want to build a more social, creative and ecologically sustainable world. This is why we have developed Leap, a process model designed to enable entrepreneurs and organisations to leap forward.

Leap consists of four phases that help you, as a value-driven entrepreneur, to make a self-confident and well-prepared start. You will be helped every step of the way to get started, with sustainability for all stakeholders in mind.

1. Look at yourself in the mirror

When you have a big desire to change a part of the world, it is sometimes forgotten that sustainable business starts with creating a sustainable situation for yourself. Knowing that you have a solid base from which to get started is essential, and this includes knowing what is important to you outside of work, how much money you need and what talents you have to embark on your entrepreneurial adventure.

2. Explore desirability

Not every idea is a desirable one. Being able to assess whether your idea is desirable for yourself, socially, ecologically and financially, offers you both peace of mind and also a solid foundation on which to build.

3. Plan your organisational trip

As soon as you can give your idea the green light socially, ecologically and financially, it is tempting to sprint out of the starting blocks. Before you know it, you are lost in the economic labyrinth. However, with a clearly defined plan, you can move on to reach your goal, swiftly and without detours.

4. Take time for an evaluation once in a while

Now that you are breaking new ground, all your enthusiasm might cause you to forget to stop and see where you stand. Regularly evaluating whether you’re still on the right track, for yourself, your employees and our planet gives you the peace of mind to take the next leg of your journey.

Download or order
the Leap model

It will come as no surprise to you that working out the individual phases requires a lot of thinking and doing. To help you with this, we have mapped out the most important steps for each phase. This enables you to keep an overview of where you are on your organisational journey and increases your chances of success. You can download the Leap Model for free or order a printed version in colour in an A0 format.


You can download the digital version of the Happonomy Leap Model for free.


Receive a printed version of the Happonomy Leap Model at home (cost: 13.95 euro)

Leap, together with Vlaanderen Circulair.

Leap was created thanks to a collaboration with Vlaanderen Circulair.

Just like Happonomy, Vlaanderen Circulair believes in a world where organisations can function circularly. Production without waste, business models that stimulate reuse and chain thinking are just a few of the principles of the circular economy.

If you want to know more about the circular economy, be sure to take a look at their website.

Get started together

Are you struggling to accomplish your value-driven mission? Are you looking for a sounding board or partners who will roll up their sleeves to get started with you? Happonomy may offer you the solution you are looking for.