One question will determine your life

What is valuable?

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This is probably the single most important question to ask yourself. It is also the most important question for any economic system aspiring to help exchange value.

We have moulded the latest science into an answer. Five spheres, twenty-one different dimensions. Yes, humans are complex and fascinating beings.

Watch our animation or explore the model on our “What do we find valuable” page.

How you can use the value canvas

The Value Canvas knows a large variety of use cases. The most important cases are:

Explore what you or anybody else finds to be valuable in life. Assess if life choices are aligned with what is important.

Determine your organisation’s mission, or their reason for existence.

Enrich your business planning by adding intrinsic value to your organisation’s activities.

Use the Value Canvas to explore the value preferences of your audience.

Determine HR policies to increase value and motivation of co-workers.

Use the Value Canvas to avoid value violations. Ensuring that you manage all value components increases product success.

Need assistance or support?

Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur business advisor, policy maker or coach, the Value Canvas is an incredibly powerful tool. We’re here to help; we offer the required training and can support you with implementation trajectories if you need additional people to drive a project forward.

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