Developer of partnerships in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

How you contribute to Happonomy

Many organisations want to support value-driven aspiring entrepreneurs. Happonomy offers solutions to give these entrepreneurs a greater chance of success, while providing financial oxygen to the supporting organisations as well.

What you do

You explore the needs and possibilities of working with these support organisations. We already have many contacts that we would like to introduce to you. If a partnership is possible, our team will help you to draw up and implement the partnership together. You will also follow up on requests for our solutions.

How we work together

You decide how many partnerships you want to build; we support you in the approach. You earn according to the results, with a sustainable twist: as long as an organisation remains a customer of ours, you will get a lifelong sales commission on everything the customer buys from us. In this way, we will help to build your financial security.

Who is it for?

It goes without saying that you share our values; after all, you are an Happonomy ambassador. You are also a fan of your city, whether it is Leuven, Ghent or Antwerp.

You are independent and have a way with words. You are genuinely interested in what drives people and how you can help. Even though knowledge about sustainability and entrepreneurship are important, we will help you if that is lacking; experience with these topics is of course a big plus.

If this interests you, contact us for a friendly conversation.

Does this spark your interest?

Contact us for a friendly conversation.