Contest Roadmap to Utopia


These contest rules determine the rules regarding the participation conditions for the Facebook giveaway of Roadmap to Utopia that Happonomy vzw organizes through its Facebook page. These contest rules do not apply to other Happonomy vzw contests.


1. Concept

Happonomy vzw wants to encourage fans to participate in the Facebook giveaway of Roadmap to Utopia competition. Participants hereby post their creation with the Happonomy logo on the Facebook page of Happonomy vzw. Participants can win a Dutch version of the book Roadmap to Utopia.

Entries will be published on the Happonomy website.


2. Who can participate?

Each personal profile (Facebook) can only be entered once per contest. If there is more than one entry, the first entry will be considered as the entry, staff members and drivers of Happonomy vzw will be excluded from the competition.

Minors can only participate in this competition if they have the explicit permission of one of their parents or guardian. If a minor participates in a contest, the organizer assumes that he/she has the permission of his/her parents or guardian. If the minor does not have this permission, he or she can be denied further participation in the competition at any time, or his or her right to a prize can be taken away.


3. Deadline

The competition starts on 20 September 2019 and ends on 11 October 2019.


4. Contest

In these terms and conditions, “User Content” means any material (including, without limitation, text, images, audio files, video).

You grant Happonomy a worldwide, final, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, adapt, publish, translate and distribute the material, in existing or new media.  You also give Happonomy the right to sublicense these rights and to prosecute any infringements.

Your user content may not be illegal or unlawful, may not harm the rights of third parties and may not be the cause of any legal action against yourself, Happonomy or any other party.

Happonomy reserves the right to edit, not to publish or remove all user content.

Users are asked to post user content on the Facebook page of Happonomy vzw.

  • The user content can be used as a promotion for Happonomy vzw.
  • When posting the user content, the user content must also be publicly displayed.
  • Only the first user content submitted by the participant counts for the competition.
  • Colour retouchings and cropping of user content are permitted.
  • Each participant declares to have all rights that can be derived from the user content.
  • The user content may not contain any pornographic, obscene, discriminatory or extremist elements.


5. Winner

Each participant can only win once. In case of an ex-aequo, the answer to a shiftings question will be decisive. The winners are chosen by peer recognition. The user content with the most Facebook likes, wins.
The winners will be informed via a Facebook share on the Facebook page of Happonomy vzw of their participation on Facebook and a personal message.


6. Changes to the rules

The organiser reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the competition at any time in any individual jurisdiction if it is forced to do so for legal reasons or for imperative self-regulatory reasons, without any right to compensation or indemnities towards the participants. If changes are made to the rules, these will be communicated on


7. Disputes

All disputes concerning the application of these regulations are settled autonomously by Happonomy vzw. All you have to do is send an e-mail with a complaint to Happonomy vzw.


8. Contact

If you have any questions or problems regarding the competition, please contact Bruno Delepierre via: