Can Corruption be Cured?

29 May 2019
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Leadership can be very rewarding for those that inspire to help others. It can, however, result in negative behaviour if those in a position of authority, struggle to manage their influence and advantage over others. If this is not managed correctly, corrupt conduct can easily lead to the forefront of operations, ending in destructive consequences for all involved.

Using Power For The Greater Good Or Personal Gain?

Being aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of being in a leadership position can help to avoid adverse control. It is simple to see how holding such status can be used to positive advantage, particularly in the world of business and change. A leader can easily use their status to influence change and benefit others, but they can also use it for personal gain. This can result in fraudulence, nepotism, or other criminal actions. Some individuals may get caught up in a web of immoral or deviant practice, ultimately resulting in criminal activity. Issues can start to arise when personalised power becomes the focal point in decision making and public relations.

It is important to recognise that not all cases of corrupt behaviour are intentional. Often, those involved can find themselves in a state of delusion, believing their behaviours are justified for the greater good. Others can have a different approach and behave in an unethical manner, with the belief that their power is exempt from consequence.

Being in a position of control and influence can lead to egotistical thinking. Those that develop this mindset may lose key ethical traits that are a fundamental part of using influence to help others. This means that compassion and the perspectives of others may become disregarded. Corrupt conduct can tarnish the reputation of a business or organisation and cause irreparable damage. In addition to this, such behaviour can go against business objectives and cause damage in other areas. For an organisation set up to help disadvantaged members of society, such damage can have an effect on those relying on their services.

Solutions To Avoid Or Eradicate Corruption

Compassion is at the core of the solution to avoid or extinguish corruption. Without it, leaders can quickly lose touch with reality and end up living in an unrealistic and egocentric world. Compassion must come from the top down. This means that leaders must instil compassionate and ethical values into those that rely on their leadership. Striving to have a more personal connection with those that they lead can help to identify a range of perspectives. This is essential when leading a business or organisation that wishes to bring about positive societal change.

Dealing with corruption can be a difficult process. It is often simpler to avoid an encompassing approach and break down the issue as a whole into more manageable areas. This means that over time, the overall issue will cease to exist, resulting in an ethical and compassionate organisation, managed by leaders to be proud of.

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