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We are a widely diverse group of people. Entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, politicians, students, business people. Young and old. Rich and poor. There is one thing that truly binds us: we believe we can create a world where people can thrive.

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Albert Einstein


Thanks to new technologies, for the first time in known history of mankind, we have the power to shape our societies to live in abundance and enjoy life to our fullest.

Science has unveiled what we need.

To get there we can upgrade our economic system so it aligns with the things we all look for in life.

We can upgrade our future.


Our plan to upgrade our future consists of 4 distinctive goals.


Lieven Annemans

Lieven Annemans Health scientist & Economist. Realistic idealist. Loves biking and swimming, song-writing and singing.

Roy Allen

Roy Allen Meticulous proofreader, married to an Ecuadorian, combining British and South American lifestyles and values for our two sons. Hope to complete a hundred half marathons in my lifetime, with only 38 to go!

Radu Surdeanu

Radu Surdeanu Physicist thriving on cutting edge science. Product of Romania but rooted in Belgium. Soulsearcher.

Bruno Delepierre

Bruno Delepierre Social entrepreneur, organises TEDxLeuven. Has a passion for new ideas that can change the world for the better.

Stephane Berghmans

Stephane Berghmans Intrapreneur & innovator. Rebel with a cause. Windsurfer, cook, rock climber and very proud dad.

Birte Witteveen

Birte Witteveen Explorer with a significant interest in well-being and social entrepreneurship. Big fan of "Omdenken".

Karianne Knezevic Smit

Karianne Knezevic Smit Down to earth Dutch woman among the spirited people of the Adriatic. Ex-Londoner. Former teacher. Blogger. Croatia fan. Chocolate addict.

Ruth Sas

Ruth Sas Dreamer, sensitive to beauty. Notebook adept with Italo/Scandinavian DNA who likes to sip Prosecco.

Vladyslav Vasiluk

Vladyslav Vasiluk Get know your core self, accept who you are, be defined by that knowledge and move to your purposes in harmony with the world.

Dagmar Ottevangers

Dagmar Ottevangers A linguist gone into computer science; speculative fiction lover with a serious crush on the Arctic; Eclipse hunter; Proud owner of a 1978 oldschool ghettoblaster serving as the test subject of a newly developed fixation on electrical engineering.

Dana Nastase

Dana Nastase Morning person. Enthusiast organiser of people and stuff. Wonders of life contemplator. Gourmande stricto-sensu!

Anne Billen

Anne Billen Organizational Designer. Loves great perspectives, intellectually, in dreams and in real life. Avid reader who fancies a good run, healthy food and Chablis.

Sheron Shamuilia

Sheron Shamuilia Mad about mountains, music and technology. Creating the future in stead of predicting it.

John Phillips

John Phillips Somewhat mad idealist who believes that we can make a difference to our future destiny - if we really want to. Consultant, business person and technologist.

Stef Kuypers

Stef Kuypers Rebel from a mixed background in IT, improv, creative thinking and coaching. Self studied economics and behavioral sciences. Has a strong desire to change the world for the better and doesn't believe in impossible.

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