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Today’s technology allows us to work wherever and whenever we want. The life of a digital ‘nomad’ sounds attractive, doesn’t it? At the same time, our fully interconnected global economy pushes people out of permanent jobs and sometimes forces them to become self-employed. If you recognise yourself in one of these two scenarios, we can help you to improve your quality of life.

About you

Do you have a one-man business or do you aspire to become independent, or maybe even consider the entrepreneurial life?

Even though you are enthusiastic and you know you have something to offer, you still feel insecure. You may feel the pressure of the need to keep working to pay the bills every month.

You’re not sure exactly why you feel this way, yet two things are certain: you don’t want to despair and you want to live a quality life.

- Stephen hawking
Stephen Hawking

The Problem

Whether you like it or not, our current economic system forces you to work to pay your bills. Maybe that’s why you make compromises to earn enough. Maybe you’re exhausted because you’ve been working yourself into the ground, or maybe you don’t like the jobs you do at all. Maybe you’re having trouble launching new projects, which in turn puts extra financial pressure on you.

Our Solution

Happonomy offers different modules that you can follow separately or in an integrated program to strengthen your work/life balance as a freelancer. These modules are built on the most recent scientific insights about the quality of life and are seasoned with the necessary business experience of your Sherpa. The sessions are individual, face-to-face and are each half a day long.

Module 1 - Quality of life

Focussing on what you really value can offer you a clear view of your current situation. After this session, you will go home with a greater self-awareness and a menu of achievable and concrete action points designed to boost your quality of life.

Module 2 - Talent development

Your talent and your energy are central to your work. Being clear about what you know, what you can do and what motivates you provides you with solid ground in your development. That is why we build your talent profile. After this session, you will have a clear picture of your talent, your motivation and your development points as a freelancer. We will work out a development plan together, so that you can get down to work in a practical way and be more confident as a freelancer.

Module 3 - Money

In the third module, we delve deeper into your financial situation and the perspective you have on money. With the help of our value calculator, you will discover whether you spend your money on the things that you really care about and how much money you must earn to live the life you want. We examine your current situation and come up with concrete solutions to align your budget with the things which you value more.

Module 4 - Financial

Together, we can map out how much you really earn today, what your costs are and how you manage money received from your freelance activities. We will then work on a clear plan that will give you the extra peace of mind and security you need to continue building.

Module 5 - Commercial

Are you struggling to generate enough turnover or margin? We explore the causes together, and work on a feasible approach to attract additional customers and generate more value for existing customers.

Module 6 - Operational

Structuring and managing your activities efficiently takes a lot of energy. We’ll look at your current system of working and work out together how we can build more structure and overview into your daily activities to give you extra time, peace and focus.

Module 7 - Check-in

After the initial boost to your business operation, it can sometimes be challenging to persevere. With the Happonomy check-in formula, we keep our finger on the pulse for six months. During one hour per month, you will consult with your Sherpa via a video call to give your quality of life and freelance activities a permanent upgrade.

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