Value-driven entrepreneurs

About you

You, a value-driven entrepreneur, want to stand on your own two feet, and make a difference too. Whether you want a more just, ecologically sustainable, meaningful or creative world, you tend to see things that others do not.

The chances are that you are struggling to implement your vision, and “business” is not really your thing; it’s more of a necessary evil to advance your vision. Maybe you feel rushed, maybe you feel frustrated that people don’t see what you take for granted.

"Everything has beauty,
but not everyone sees it."
- Confucius

The problem

As a value-driven entrepreneur, there is a good chance that you will be tangled up in our current economic system. You instinctively feel that our economy today is not built for the things you believe in.

You are struggling to translate your conviction into actions and are struggling to build an organisation around your vision in a sustainable way. Maybe you want to grow, but you clash with the limits of your knowledge or wallet. Because you don’t care that much about money, you may experience financial stress that undermines your own quality of life.

Our Solution

In order to provide maximum support to value-driven entrepreneurs in realising their individual missions, we developed three complementary solutions, which you can use together or separately to increase your success. The solutions focus on one central question: “How do I translate my vision in a sustainable organisation where value is central?”

A clear roadmap

Central to our solution is an intuitive and efficient step-by-step plan that helps you to translate your vision into a successful organisation. The most important phases of that roadmap can be found in our Leap Model that you can download for free in the Models section of our site. If you want, you can get started right away.

A powerful management system

Our platform for organisational development, TribeForce, helps you to build your organisation in a structured way, taking maximum account of the talent of yourself and your team.

TribeForce builds on the Leap model and offers you a detailed insight into the most important tasks involved in building your organisation, how much time you need for this and who within your organisation is suitable for this.

The platform also supports you in strengthening the motivation and well-being of your own team and offers you extra self-insight, peace and overview.

A value-driven team

Maybe you are in need of an expert who can advise and guide you, or maybe you are looking for someone who will just roll up their sleeves and come along and do the necessary work.

The Happonomy Federation is a group of value-driven freelancers who will work with you to make your organisation stronger and turn your plans into reality. Each member of the Happonomy Federation shares your values and brings a number of talents to the table that will take your organisation one step further.

Case in de picture

Are you curious how Happonomy, together with value-driven entrepreneurs, can make a difference? Discover the story of Roof Food, a young organisation that wants to bring the farm to the city and realise roof gardens on buildings.

Working together

Would you like to join forces to see your vision and organisation flourish? Feel free to contact our team and together we will explore where we can strengthen you.

No budget?

Don’t panic! If you’re short of cash today, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of it. We have developed several ways to ensure that a lack of budget does not necessarily stand in the way of realising your vision.