We can redesign money

Money is the scum of the earth. Our debt driven and fractional monetary system faces three problems: it drives insecurity and unfair inequality. On top of that, it also prevents us from acting sustainably.

The Sustainable Money System helps to drive equality and eliminate inflation, and it also effectively alleviates poverty so all can thrive. It can be used by local governments, cryptocurrency designers and policymakers to build a monetary system that aligns in a better way with those things we find intrinsically valuable.

The model

Needless to say things get technical quickly when you dig into monetary economics. If this is not your cup of tea, don’t worry; we’ve made a one-page design which explains the gist of the sustainable money system. If you’d like to take the deep dive and explore technical details, then that’s possible as well of course!

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Are you a behavioural or financial scholar?

A system designed to align money and intrinsic value needs a lot of minds and hearts to offer the best possible version. We invite scholars to join the Happonomy and work to build an improved version of the Sustainable Money System.

Tailored services

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If you are a local government which wants to introduce a local currency or a cryptocurrency designer who strives to build more equitable monetary systems, our team is here to help. We offer business case services with training and can support with a technological implementation of the SumSy model.