We have developed a variety of low- and high-tech products to increase awareness about the quality of life and how work, money and technology can support driving true value.

The Book

Roadmap to Utopia

Roadmap to Utopia - Bruno Delepierre

This book is aimed at those who are curious about the what, how and why of capitalism and the quality of life. In 300 pages, rooted in science, yet never without a chuckle, we take you “down the rabbit hole”. In the book, you’ll discover exactly where our current system is failing us and 35 ways to move things forward.

The Board Game

The Happonomy Board Game is a strategy board game for the board-game lover. Build the strongest economy, but make sure you stay happy and don’t kill the planet! Change the money system and see what happens!

The Card Game

We have developed the Happonomy Card Game for educators. It is a twenty-minute educational game to experience the role of money in business instantly.  This game is coming soon!


Tribeforce®is an online software tool to build more value-driven organisations. Starting from the talent and motivation of people, the tool offers best practice support in personal and organisational development.