Three time’s a charm

You know what they say! Happiness always comes in threefold. Happonomy can confirm that rule in this case. Aside from the two great nominations for Gelukkige Belgen, Stef Kuypers has also applied to win a prize! Not for the noble prize. And that is something you can take quite literally.

Our economic system pushes us to the limits of ourselves and our planet, while inequality tears our societies apart. In order to get rid of these problems, we need a new way of economic thinking. The project ‘Not The Nobel Prize’ seeks out the inventors and implementers of the solutions to the economic problems of today and tomorrow.

As the founder of SuMSy, Stef has a chance to win this prize. Do you think Stef deserves this prize? Then let us hear from you and support him by giving him a like via the link below.