How capitalism can increase our happiness

July 3, 2017
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If you are curious how happiness, money and work influence each other, take a look at the TEDx talk of Bruno, the Happonomy coordinator.

Bruno also explores some types of solutions to realign work and money towards the quality of our lives and upgrade our economy.

Want more?

Curious how we can upgrade our economic system so it supports the quality of your life and of those you care for?

In the book “Happonomy, Roadmap to Utopia”, Bruno Delepierre takes you on a 300 page journey to explore how work, money and technology impacts the quality of your life. Expect insightful analyses, intimate portraits and 35 daring recipes for upgrade. Interested? Take a look!

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Bruno Delepierre

Socially inspired entrepreneur, organizer of TEDx in Leuven, friend of M.I.T. Happonomy alchemist.

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