The federation

Value and values first

In an era of disruptive transformation and increased turbulence, more and more highly-talented people feel the urge to contribute to a more value-driven economy. These people – often coming from very large organisations – have been to places, have seen the good, bad and ugly of our current system.

Now, they want to deploy their expertise for value-driven initiatives, with people they like, on their own terms, interdependently rather than independently.

Welcome to the Federation.

A guaranteed high-quality of life

People who have joined the Federation understand the value of a good life. They have all explored value, work and money themselves. They have used our Value Canvas to improve their understanding of what is important in their lives. They all contemplated those things that motivate them. They all calculated their personal good-life rate, an hourly rate which enables them to pay for the life they want. That’s their fee; it’s nothing more, nothing less.

How it works

Value-driven entrepreneurs can access the Federation via Tribeforce, our organisational development software platform. Each Federation member has a personal talent profile which shows skills, knowledge, personality, interests and their availability.

This information can be accessed by value-driven entrepreneurs who can invite a person to their Tribe, a private organisation on the Tribeforce platform. Entrepreneurs can also post roles and projects where they are asking for the support of the Federation. They pay the good life rate to the person in the Federation.

Can I become a member?

Yes. Before you join, you just need to go through our ‘warp drive for freelancers’, a three-session module to determine what drives you, how much money you need and how work can add colour to your life.

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Can i access the federation?

Maybe. To gain access, you need to activate the ‘warp drive for organisations’, a guided trajectory to grow or transform your organisation to a ‘value first’ perspective.