Who we are

The people at Happonomy are a diverse bunch to say the least. Most of us don’t fit into a specific box, and if anything, each in his or her own way, wants to contribute to improving the quality of people’s lives, by speaking, by thinking or by doing.

Our speakers

Our speakers are those who bring the idea of a Happonomy to life. Each person has a unique story to tell; they inform, and above all, they inspire. Each story is a unique cocktail containing life experience, science or both.

The federation

The Federation is a group of value-driven business professionals who are here to help those who want to build value-driven organisations. All true experts in their field, often coming from global organisations, they help visionaries, trailblazers and leaders to achieve true value creation and make the Happonomy happen.

Our board

The board of Happonomy is the eye of the storm. The members of the board are not there to push an agenda through the organisation. Rather than being strategists, they are the gatekeepers of the general direction and values on which the Happonomy is built.

Bruno Delepierre


Radu Surdeanu


Sheron Shamuilia


Stef Kuypers


Our tribe