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Technology has enabled us to work where we want to, whenever we want to.  The life of a digital nomad sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Choosing when, where and how much you work.  At the same time, our interconnected global economy pushes people out of their steady job, sometimes forcing them to become an independent worker. If either of these two scenario’s applies to you, this is for you.

About you

You are an independent worker or you are aspiring to become one. Maybe you are even contemplating the entrepreneurial life.

You feel excited, and you know you have value to offer. However, you may also feel insecure. Secretly, you are struggling to balance work, money and ‘life’. You feel it, but can’t really pinpoint the cause. You want to move the quality of your life forward, you want fulfilling work and you don’t want money to stand in the way. If this is you, read on.

- Stephen hawking
Stephen Hawking

The problem

Whether you like it or not, in our current economic system, unless you are rich, you are forced to work to pay for the bills. As a freelancer it may seem difficult to balance fulfilling work with earning enough to have a high-quality life . Maybe you work too much or maybe you struggle to land new projects, causing additional financial pressure.

Our solution

In our Warp Drive for freelancers, we will bring clarity to why you struggle and help you take the first steps towards a high-quality life.

In three face to face sessions, each session two to three hours long, a certified Happonomy Value Sherpa will guide you to improve the quality of your life.  In case you wondered how, read on… 

Module 1: What is a high quality life?

Figuring out what brings value to your life is not an easy feat. Your Happonomy Value Sherpa will guide you to get a better understanding of those things that matter and identify potential discrepancies between your priorities and actions. Based on the latest developments in psychology and cognitive science, we have developed a model identifying 21 dimensions to a high-quality life.

In the first 2 to 3 hour session, your Value Sherpa will guide you, challenge you and support you to increase your awareness about those things important to you and the extent you have made the ‘right’ choices up to now.  After this session, we’ll throw you into the wild. We will guide you to 5 places in the city which will stimulate you to reflect more intensely about your quality of life and how you can improve it.

Module 2: What drives you?

In a second module, we dive into the question how work can drive the quality of your life forward. We’ll guide you to fill out your digital talent profile in order to chart your knowledge, skills, personality and motivation.

Once this is done, in the second one on one session, your Value Sherpa will discuss and compare your profile to the role of a freelancer. This will help you better understand what it means to become a freelancer.  As a result you’ll be able to make a more conscious choice about the road to take and which skills and knowledge to develop along the way.

Module 3: The role of money and a high quality life

In the third and final module, we take the deep dive into money. Money is a funny animal, isn’t it?

In the final one on one session your Value Sherpa will discuss how money can contribute to the life you aspire to lead.  We will show you how you are stuck in our current economic system which isn’t supportive to your quality of life.

Above all, we will show you what you can do about it: Using our value calculator, you’ll gain insight about the amount of money you need in order to be able to live the life you aspire and where you are today. Your Value Sherpa will help you to identify the next steps so you can  move things forward in the money department.

Oh and after the last session there is a surprise, but we can’t tell you everything can we? 🙂


We are convinced that budget and value should be synonyms. That is why we are crystal clear about budget and how we got there. In short, our Warp Drive consists of four major value components, coming at a budget of 1245 euros

Apart from three face-to-face sessions, our Value Sherpas prepare and study your 'case’, ensure that you have access to all the tools you need and follow-up with you if you have any questions. Your Sherpa is also the person who will write a personalized action plan, to put you on the way after these 3 sessions.

To maintain and build the Happonomy organisation, we add 20% to pay the people of our commercial team and 15% for the people in our organisational team.

The software tools we use cost 19 euros during the period of the Warp Drive. If you wish to continue using the tools, packages start at 19 euros per month.

Once you get through the Warp Drive for Freelancers, you may be invited to join the Happonomy Federation, a value-driven network of business experts who support value driven entrepreneurs. Joining is free.

Are you ready to move forward?

If you want to move your quality of life forward, or if you would have any questions, reach out to the Happonomy team for more information and availability.

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