Solutions for visionary Entrepeneurs

Throughout history, value-driven entrepreneurs are those who have moved the needle. Seeing solutions where others see problems, their energy and relentless effort have transformed societies for the better. Sparks to a fire, value-driven entrepreneurs are those who make our lives better.

About you

You are creative and value-driven, you see things which others don’t.

To many, these words are the ultimate ego-trip, but not you; you know better. Being a visionary is hard, and being a visionary entrepreneur is even harder. The chances are that you feel insecure, that you have difficulties to implement your vision, and that business is not really your cup of tea; it’s more of a necessary evil to drive your vision forward. The chances are that you feel frustrated people don’t see what is obvious to you. If this is you, we can help.

- Confucius

The problem

You are a canary in the coal mine; our current economic system is not designed for visionaries and creatives. Because others don’t see the value of your vision, there is no ‘market’ for it. As a consequence, you struggle. You struggle to earn enough money to have your own basic needs covered or you are forced to limit the amount of time available to work on your vision.

Our solution

Our Warp Drive for Entrepreneurs is built to make you feel better at ease as a person in our current economic system and help you transform your vision into reality.

Part 1: You

In three modules, each with two to three hours of face time, a certified Happonomy Value Sherpa will guide you to achieve increased personal ease and a clear personal path forward.

In a first module, your Value Sherpa will help you to gain a better understanding about yourself, your vision, and why you might be struggling.

In a second module, you will explore the talent you bring to the table and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. You’ll learn which skills and knowledge you are missing, not to dissuade you, but rather to help you determine which is the best way forward.

In the third module, we’ll take the deep dive into your financial situation. Using our value calculator, you’ll gain knowledge about the amount of money you need to earn in order to be able to live the life you want, and where you are today.

You’ll find out if you spend your money according to your priorities and will pinpoint concrete solutions to ensure money in your private life does not hinder you in the implementation of your vision.

Part 2: Your organisation

Your Value Sherpa will work with you to build a custom organisational development trajectory to help you with the implementation of your vision. Three organisational modules are covered:

Module 1: Organisational Value

In the first module, we will explore the value you want to bring into the world. We’ll take a closer look at your value proposition towards your partners, clients and co-workers and explore where we can add value. 

Module 2: Value Planning

In the second module, we will assess your financial situation and determine or upgrade your business model to drive sustainable value. We break down the specific value components and the corresponding costs to craft a break-even plan where, as an entrepreneur, you are paid enough to have a high-quality life yourself.

Module 3: Your Team & Organisation

We determine what needs to be done and which talents your organisation needs to execute your value plan. We assess what talents you currently have aboard and ensure the best possible fit and a clear staffing plan. Our Sherpas will also train you on how to grow talent internally and how to find and assess talent for your organisation.

Budget & Value

Our Warp Drive for visionary entrepreneurs consists of four major value components.

As well as having three face-to-face conversations our Value Sherpas prepare and study your ‘case’, ensure that you have access to all the tools needed and follow-up with you should you have any questions.

The Value Sherpas work according to their own ‘good life rate’, a day rate which enables them to secure a high-quality life.

To maintain and build the Happonomy organisation, we add 20% to pay the people of our commercial team and 15% for the people in our organisational team.

The software tools we use start at a budget of 59 euros per month during the period of the Warp Drive, depending on the size of your organisation.

If you have taken the Warp Drive for Entrepreneurs, you get access to The Federation, a network of value-driven business experts who can help you to implement your vision. Access is free.

Are You Cash-Strapped?

If you’re short on cash, the show doesn’t have to stop. We have developed a unique approach to drive value-driven organisations forward who don’t have the financial means to move things forward on their own. You can find out more here.

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