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Fields of research

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Our world is evolving at an exponential rate. Technology infiltrates our lives and our economic system is morphing every day. Our research strives to unveil the impact these systems have on our bodies and minds.

We explore interdisciplinary research questions covering fields of ethics, biology, psychology, economics, law and technology, rooted in a single starting point: how can we improve the quality of our lives?

Current research

Our current scientific research takes the deep dive in behavioural economics and behavioural finance. We examine how work, money and technology can be deployed to support the quality of our lives, a topic which we explore through an economic and non-economic lens. We explore the concept of value and to what extent behavioural capitalism drives intrinsic value, skews our choices and impacts the quality of our lives.

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Join our research

Whether you are a scientist looking to advance your research or a person who is willing to join the studies, you can help. Join us if you want to bring the scientific field of “happonomics” forward

Nerd out sessions

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We don’t know about you, but we enjoy being true nerds once in a while. That is why we organise sessions meant for ‘brainiacs’, to take deep dives into specific topics. Check out our Facebook page to learn more about the what, when and where