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Libra coin

Libra coin: a critical view

Since it was announced on June 18th, Facebook’s Libra coin has attracted a lot of attention. I haven’t read many […]

On sustainable business models

On sustainable business models

‘Sustainable’ has probably been the most fashionable word of the last three years. With climate disaster looming on the horizon, […]

Societally Balanced Bonuses

Company bonuses are often the best way to incentivise people to do the best they can to achieve a company […]

Modify What We Measure – An Alternative To GDP

You know what they say: “what gets measured gets managed”. In our society today, economic measurements dominate the debate. We […]

A robotic MasterChef in your kitchen

Cooking is a skill which most of us never find the time to master. It takes a lot of practice […]

Jobs of the Future: Body Part Designer

Historically, repairing our bodies has been a task of nature and regenerative medicine. Now, we create prosthetics and we have […]

Limiting Limited Liability

What if organisations would pursue value instead of money? Not only value towards customers and investors but also, and especially, […]

What If Money Could Support Our Quality of Life by Design?

Money is the blood of our economy. Our political leaders lose sleep over it, and the chances are that you […]

Migration, an economic asset to an ageing population

Migration is a phenomenon that has been around for centuries. Groups of people have migrated for different reasons throughout history, reasons […]