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“De Punt is like a second home for me”

Stakeholders of Roof Food: De Punt Business centre When Sabien was looking for a suitable location for her Roof Food […]

Customers of the Roof Shop

Black tomatoes, wild garlic, wild fennel, wild leek… Roof Food’s range of plants and vegetables looks a bit different from […]

“We completely understand each other’s story. We complement each other.”

Sabien as a co-worker Sabien Windels and Marie Haspeslagh from the non-profit association (or vzw) Enchanté go a long way […]

“Pioneering is not easy, but Sabien knows how to do it”

Sabien as a girlfriend “On good days, she flies. Then she can take on the whole world. That’s incredibly beautiful […]

“I recommend everyone to experiment”

Sabine as a shopkeeper Every crisis is an opportunity. Sabien Windels understands this better than most. When the coronavirus crisis […]

The story of Sabien from Roof Food

Roof Food, from roof to plate… Sabien Windels, a rooftop farmer, feels reborn five years after the start of Roof […]

LED there be light! (and food for everyone)

  The year 2050. Megacities. A population of 9 billion people. Lack of land and water. How could there possibly […]

The Urban Farmer – Bringing Food Closer To Home

The role of an urban farmer may seem like an oxymoron, but it is not as crazy as it seems. […]

Drip Irrigation to Solve World Hunger?

Water makes life possible. Even when we use our telescopes to explore the vastness of the universe, one of the […]