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Can Corruption be Cured?

Leadership can be very rewarding for those that inspire to help others. It can, however, result in negative behaviour if […]

Synthetic meat

Meat or not meat, that is the question

In spite of the rise of vegetarianism, we still consume about 500 million tons of meat each year. Large quantities […]

Plastic – From Villain To Hero

Plastic has had a bad reputation in the ecological society for years. This is mainly because it takes hundreds of […]

Printing an Affordable Home – 3D House Printing

Ever since 3D printers were invented, we have seen many new ways in which this technology can improve our lives. We […]

The 4 not so surprising reasons why you work

It’s six-thirty on a Monday morning and the alarm clock buzzes. There is little time to waste. You take a […]

Methane capturing to slow global warming

Why do we capture methane? Of all the fuel gasses, methane is the smallest. For the chemists among you, each molecule […]

The Power of Music

Music has been around forever. Does it have any other benefits besides making you feel good when you listen to […]

Dress to Impress with Smart Clothing

The purpose of clothing in our civilisation has evolved throughout the centuries from being strictly functional, such as keeping us warm or […]