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Tips for home schooling during a pandemic

Our world has been turned upside down. Apart from the threat of the coronavirus that has impacted our public lives […]

Sabien als lief

“Pioneering is not easy, but Sabien knows how to do it”

Sabien as a girlfriend “On good days, she flies. Then she can take on the whole world. That’s incredibly beautiful […]

Roof Food_Happonomy

“I recommend everyone to experiment”

Sabine as a shopkeeper Every crisis is an opportunity. Sabien Windels understands this better than most. When the coronavirus crisis […]

The story of Sabien from Roof Food

Roof Food, from roof to plate… Sabien Windels, a rooftop farmer, feels reborn five years after the start of Roof […]

Medical Crowdfunding

Raising money and concerns – the rise of medical crowdfunding

Good health plays a crucial role in our overall quality of life. Although we can try to reduce our chances […]


Can Corruption be Cured?

Leadership can be very rewarding for those that inspire to help others. It can, however, result in negative behaviour if […]

Universal basic income

Dynamic Happiness Income

In an earlier article, I built a case against the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), even though I’m […]

Synthetic meat

Meat or not meat, that is the question

In spite of the rise of vegetarianism, we still consume about 500 million tons of meat each year. Large quantities […]

Sustainable Money System – abstract

This paper proposes a theoretical monetary model, named Sustainable Money Systems or SuMSy, which has the assumed capacity to change […]