A new way of creating organisations

If anything, any organisation should be there to maximise value for all people involved, whether they are its clients, co-workers, shareholders or the society at large.

Unfortunately, our current legal framework is not equipped to achieve this. It’s hard to grow a new venture or redistribute profits of a business more equitably and flexibly. This is where the Slingshot can help.

The problems

Difficulties in starting organisations

In a start-up phase, well-intended co-founders are too often stacked up against each other from day one; before the company has any true value, co-founders need to determine how they are going to split the ownership and the corresponding dividends. This often leads to long discussions and friction, which are definitely things a starting venture can do without.

Ventures often fail because, while venturing, co-founders shift priorities in life, or the business needs to take an unexpected turn, and there are things which cannot be managed with the previous ownership structure.

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An imbalanced way of redistributing profits

Once a venture is successful enough to reap its fruits, the generated profits are mainly distributed to the company shareholders, even though other stakeholders such as society, clients and co-workers could and should benefit.

A biased company board

Too often, the role of a company board is to ensure that shareholders maximise profits. A company board does not formally represent all stakeholders of the organisation, while an organisation would prosper – both financially and in true value – if it would do just that.

Our solution

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The Company Slingshot is a legal document that aims to solve these three discrepancies. It enables co-founders to split ownership more equitably and flexibly. At the same time, it empowers people to contribute to truly valuable initiatives and be rewarded in a way other than just ownership of the company.

The Company Slingshot also offers direction in a more holistic, value-driven distribution of profits to all stakeholders involved. It also supports existing organisations in upgrading existing company structures to align with stakeholder interests more beneficially.

Tailored services

Whether you are contemplating starting a venture or you are already well on your way, the Company Slingshot ensures that you can rebalance intrinsic value with financial value.

We’re here to help: Happonomy can deploy a Federation of legal and organisational specialists who can guide you with the implementation of this model both on a management and legal level.