Because happy is the new rich

What if we would choose value over money?
What if we would build an economy that delivers
the circumstances for a high-quality life ?


One question will determine your life

"What is valuable in my life?"

This is probably the single most important question to ask yourself.

We have moulded the latest science into an answer.
Five spheres, twenty one different dimensions.
Yes, humans are complex beings.

Watch our animation or explore the model on our
“What do we need” page.

Our economy,
today and tomorrow

Find out how our economic system works and where we are heading.

Recipes for upgrade

A book to explore…
– What makes you happy
– How money impacts your behavior
– Why we work
– How technology could steal your job
– How you can upgrade our future


We are living in exponential times.
Emerging technologies can shape a high-quality life for all of us. Dig into the technology that can upgrade your life.

Our world

Face it.
We don’t always know what we want until we learn.
Dig deeper into the twenty one dimensions that give colour to your life.