Sharing is not a new concept; it has always existed, be it that we needed a cup of sugar from our neighbour or to borrow their grass cutter or we asked a colleague to drop us at the airport with his car or we arranged to sleep at a friend’s place when we were travelling somewhere… all these exist for as long as communities exist. And sharing never seemed to have been a problem before!

How views on sharing have changed

However, these days, as I am sure most of you heard, “sharing” has become a seriously debated issue by governmental and non-governmental organisations, journalists, institutions and business owners.

So what makes the difference between then and now? I would say that there are two elements that changed the game:

The first is technology – the huge increase of peoples’ accessibility to technological and communication media has led to “sharers” reaching out far easier to “sharees”.

The second, sadly enough, is money – namely the fact that sharing has never been a business before; sharing did not seem to bother anyone until there was a third party that actually made money or lost money from the fact that other people were sharing.

Sharing and happiness

The very complicated issue of whether “the sharing economy” is a bad thing or a good thing is something that is very personal, but either way, it looks like it is here to stay! There are many stories out there, many arguments, many negative and positive experiences explained and many key concepts under discussion both on the pro- and on the contra-side.

The Sharing Economy

One thing is certain. A society where everyone is happy must be a society where people are entitled to share.

As we know from good old Mr. Maslow, the need to give back is right there on the top tightly linked with the feeling of personal accomplishment.
Now it will be up to the great political and economic minds of the countries to create an administrative framework where this can function properly .

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Want more?

Together, we can create an economy that stimulates sharing! We call it the Sustainable Money System. Check it out and spread the word! Because teamwork makes the Happonomy-dream work!

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