Roadmap to Utopia

‘Roadmap to Utopia’ (Politeia, 29.95€) is a fascinating journey of 300 pages. The book demystifies our current economic system and explores to what extent it supports the quality of your life. The book blends biology, psychology and economics to serve you a tasty cocktail of razor sharp analyses, intimate portraits and provocative solutions.

Unique in its kind, you’ll discover intriguing answers to questions you may never even asked before…

  • Why do we work in the first place?
  • Are rich people really less sociable?
  • What does a mortgage loan have to do with your health?
  • Will you soon have a robot as your co­-worker?
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If you fit the description in any of the following three categories, this book is for you.

1. You feel that our current economic system has reached its limits. You are curious about how we ended up where we are, where we are going and what we can do to change our course.

2. You are an entrepreneur or a manager who aspires to build an organisation where quality of life of people is essential without the sacrifice of efficiency or results.

3. You are actively involved in ­economic policies and you aspire to upgrade our economic system sustainably.


Lieven Annemans - Professor health economics at University of Ghent

'This book is a catalyst for change. It demystifies the situation we are in today and presents a variety of recipes for change. It is my hope these solutions may inspire many so we can all have a taste of Happonomy soon.'

Jochanan Eynikel - Business philosopher at Etion

'Happonomy brings economic recipes in a lighthearted way, with a lot of colour and variation. Refreshing for those who are looking for original and bold food for thought.'

Leen Dael - Judge labour and social security law (retired)

'Surprising! The book is easily readable for people without any economic background. Roadmap to Utopia really made me think about the idea that there is no alternative. Apparently, the alternatives are plentyful and the book really enthuses you to do things differently.'

Jan De Ridder - Reader giving the book 5 stars

'Books on economics ar generally a dull and technical affair. Roadmap to Utopia is the exception to that rule. I wholeheartedly laughed many times and the book really triggered me to think of the direction we want to steer our economic system'.


Bruno Delepierre is the coordinator at Happonomy. As a socially inspired entrepreneur his aim is to maximise the quality of our lives by upgrading our economic system. Age 23, he sat at the United Nations for Belgium in New York, three years later, he launched his first start­up, growing it to 7 figures before age 30.

He is the organiser of the TEDx conferences in Leuven and a talent­ scout on behalf of MIT. He holds Master's degrees in Law, Management, and International Business Economics.

Bruno Delepierre

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