Roadmap to Utopia

This book is about money, work and happiness, although in a different style to what you might expect. Bruno Delepierre gives you a view of our economy and he offers you answers to a wide range of intriguing questions such as:

  • Why do we work?
  • Are rich people really less sociable?
  • How is our money ‘created’ and by whom?
  • What does a mortgage loan have to do with your health?
  • Will you soon have a robot as your co­-worker?


As well as a razor-sharp economic analysis, you can also expect a wide range of provocative solutions for the problems that we face today.

In a clear and science-­based approach, the author shows you how we can make the seemingly impossible possible: by waking up in a society where both businesses and our economic system are put to the service of our quality of life and happiness. It is up to you to decide the most suitable word to describe this, but here are some suggestions: happiness economy, post-capitalism or “happonomy”.

Happonomy book cover


If you fit the description in any of the following three categories, this book is for you.

You feel that our current economic system has reached its limits. You are curious about how we ended up where we are, where we are going and what we can do to change our course.

You are an entrepreneur or manager who aspires to build an organisation where life quality is put on a pedestal without sacrificing efficiency or financial results.

You are in charge of ­ or actively involved in ­ economic policies and you aspire to upgrade our economic system sustainably according to numbers and recipes.

About the author

Bruno Delepierre is a socially-driven entrepreneur with the sole mission of maximising our life quality. At the age of 23, he sat at the United Nations for Belgium in New York. Three years later, he launched his first start­up in digital media. He is now a start­up coach and one of the driving forces behind Happonomy.

Delepierre is the organiser of the TEDx conferences in Leuven and a talent­scout on behalf of the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds Master's degrees in Law, Management, and International Business Economics.

Bruno Delepierre

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